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Fun Facts, Tidbits and More About the Golden State Warriors by Al Hartman

For Al Hartman, Stephen Curry is the franchise savior that loyal Warriors fans have waited decades for. When Curry came into the picture, fans and the whole NBA fiefdom instantly felt that this rookie was headed for NBA stardom. And much to the delight of Al Hartman and Warriors fans all over the world, this prediction is proving to be on-point.

A brief look into Warriors’ history

To start this page on the right track, Al Hartman deemed it necessary to share a few highlights of the Warriors’ NBA history.

What’s in a name?

Before the team became known as the Golden State Warriors, they were known as the Philadelphia Warriors, the reason being they were a team based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This was in 1946, and they were one of the founding members of the Basketball Association of America.* When the franchise relocated to the Bay Area in 1962, they became known as the San Francisco Warriors.

In 1971, the team had a last and final name change, this time, basing the name on California’s moniker, Golden State; thus, the Golden State Warriors was born.

*The Basketball Association of America was founded in 1946. After three seasons, the BAA merged with the National Basketball League to form the National Basketball Association.

The team’s first ever championship title wasn’t actually under the Golden State moniker. In 1947, during the 1946-47 season, the Philadelphia Warriors won its first championship title, playing against the Chicago Stags. Al Hartman shares that when the BAA and NBL merger took place, the NBA recognized the Philadelphia Warriors’ championship title as the team’s first championship.

During the 1955-56 season, the Philadelphia Warriors won its second championship title, this time, competing against the Fort Wayne Pistons (now known as the Detroit Pistons). This was to be the last championship for the Philadelphia Warriors.

As the Golden State Warriors, the team wouldn’t snag another championship title for another 40 years. They won their third championship in 1975, during the 1974-75 season. This was one of the most memorable highlights of the Warriors’ career, says Al Hartman, as they won against the heavily favored Washington Bullets (now known as the Washington Wizards), and they didn’t simply win the championship, they won it with a four-game sweep!

Alas, laments Al Hartman, this was to be the last memorable victory of the Golden State Warriors in the Rick Barry-Jamaal Wilkes era.

For decades, the Golden State Warriors struggled on the court. There was no championship title, let alone division and conference titles to boast of. But when Stephen Curry was drafted in 2009, things started looking better for the Warriors.

And in 2015, during the 2014-15 season, the Golden State Warriors bagged their first championship title after a four-decade drought. Stephen Curry was named the NBA Most Valuable Player that season. In 2016, Stephen Curry once again bagged the MVP Award, but they lost the championship to the Cleveland Cavaliers; a disappointing defeat, in the opinion of Al Hartman and fans around the world, as the Warriors had a 3-1 lead.

2017 was another exciting season for the Warriors as it pitted them against the Cavaliers for the third straight year. This time, they brought home the championship. It was a sweet victory, says Al Hartman.